Setting up Appium configuration on windows / Mac

  1. Launch android studio after you have completed the installation. First time you will be asked to import android studio settings just select do not import and proceed
ui automator viewer -Djava.ext.dirs=..\lib\x86_64;..\lib is not supported.
  1. Issue launching your UI Automator viewer. If you have java version greater than 11, you will run into issue.
    Install 8.0 version of Java JDK
    Open android sdk location and find uiautomatorview.bat file. Edit it to point to the jdk1.8.0_33 version.
set java_exe=call ..\lib\find_java.bat
set java_exe=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_271\bin\java.exe



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Khemlall Mangal

Khemlall Mangal

I am a passionate coder, QA Engineer, and someone who enjoys the outdoors.