Micro service are product of a software architectural style know as micro services architecture.

in this architecture, a single application is developed as a set of small service

Each services operates as its own process and communiates with the other services over a network


Each service is thought…

Fixture to submit a request to aws step function from fitnesse

static string secrets = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("SecretKey");static string AccessKey = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("Accesskey");public string LoadType { get; set; }public string QuarterFile { get; set; }public string ExportType { get; set; }public string QuarterDate { get; set; }public…

Get all Methods from a class and all Classes of Assembly

Hey guys i was trying to create an application and need to get all the method within a class etc to build and display this in the UI…You may find a need to use reflection to do something similar and i thought why not document it. …

A web server running on an Amazon EC2 instance accesses an application running in a corporate data center. How would you describe this model?

Cloud Computing Deployment Models

There are three main deployment models for cloud computing. Each model represents a different part of the cloud computing stack.



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